Our Eyes, International
Supporting Eye Care Missions Worldwide
Our Eyes, International is an eye care mission-support ministry. The sole purpose of this ministry is to help fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ by making available to, and promoting the use of the evangelistic gospel tract, Our Eyes: A Christian Perspective, by eye care missions and missionaries around the world, in the language of the people. The aim of this tract is to appeal to the reader's interest in eyes and natural vision in order to relate biblical truth about spiritual vision, and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. This ministry is founded upon our belief in the power of the Holy Spirit to use the written Word of God to lead people to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
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Background and History
In 1977 Dr. Joe Segree wrote the evangelistic gospel tract, Our Eyes: A Christian Perspective, to use in his optometry office in Cadiz, Kentucky. Ten years later, it was adopted by The Fellowship of Christian Optometrists, International, for use by its members as a tool for witnessing in the workplace and on eye care mission trips. At that time the tract was enhanced with color and given an artistic cover, and five thousand copies were printed. Subsequent printings have been carried out every few years. Since 1990, Our Eyes: A Christian Perspective has been translated into Chinese, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Creole and has found continuous use on the foreign mission field, as well as in the workplaces of optometrists and other eye care providers throughout the United States and some other countries.
Ministry Plan
Simply stated, the ministry plan of Our Eyes, International is to make Our Eyes: A Christian Perspective available to missionaries and mission workers for distribution among the people whom they serve. This entails locating missionaries who are willing to use this tract, acquiring accurate translations, and providing copies for duplication and use. Our Eyes, International is a non-funded ministry. We do not maintain supplies of tracts, but instead offer copies of different translations in a format suitable for private duplication and use. Our goal is to achieve the widest possible use of Our Eyes, A Christian Perspective for the glory of God. Toward this end, we welcome your assistance in one of at least three ways.
  1. By directing us to eye care missions and missionaries.
  2. By helping us find people who can translate the tract into other languages.
  3. By using the tract in your own eye care mission work.
Correspondence regarding Our Eyes, International should be directed to the following address:
Our Eyes, International
1401 Longview Drive
Campbellsville, KY  42718
E-mail: joesegree@gmail.com
"The Lord gave the Word. Great was the company of those that published it."
Psalm 68:11